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"You Do You"

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling on Instagram and saw something that caught my eye. I saw a post about a blogger event happening in Boston. So naturally, I wanted to find out more and go. I asked one of my best friends if she wanted to go with me and make a day of it (hang out, get coffee, explore Beacon Hill and take pics, which will be in another post after this) and she said sure!

- I inserted what I came across on Insta! -

So, on Sunday June 3rd (SO crazy that we're in the month of June ALREADY), I met up with my friend for coffee and brunch. We hung out at the coffee shop for a little bit and then we headed over to the event, "You Do You".

The event was hosted by #OOTDBostonian, (, Gabriella & Raissa. It was a meet up for Boston bloggers to network, learn about each other and socialize.

The event was taken place at this very cute shop called #TenThousandVillages. ( There was a table of jewelry that we could pick a piece and try on to take pictures with. I picked out a sliver necklace that was made in India (picture below).

The necklace that is from India

It was pretty cool to see Boston bloggers all in one place. I was even following some of them and I didn't even know it until I got home! It felt amazing to network again and to feel like I finally belong to something and do what I love (Another post about my career and such to come).

There were many little circles of different bloggers talking and socializing. Talking to them and seeing what they do for blogging or Instagram or even seeing if we had anything in common was great. Of course, we were talking about some things we all love, fashion, jewelry and etc. I even got to meet the founder of OOTDBostonian, Gabriella. Who was so sweet, nice and so easy to talk to! And, of course I was following her to see the post about the event.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day. So glad I found this event and went to it. I can be a little shy and unsure of myself, so, going to this event was really great for me. I can't wait for the next meetup and I will be looking up more blogger events to get my feet in the blogger world.

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

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