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When in Doubt, Wear Sunglasses...

Yes, I know that summer is almost over and I'm posting about sunglasses. But why not? Got to wear sunnies on those sunny Fall days.

I've been a little obsessed with sunnies for the spring and summer months this year. Yes, I do have glasses, but I also have contacts. I wear them when I feel like it.

So, I bet you are wondering, if you wear contacts sometimes, and wear glasses, why do

you love sunglasses? I look for big frames to fit over my glasses. I'm not a fan of the large sunnies that go over glasses that elderly people wear. You know what I'mtalking about. No offense, but I like a little something fashionable. It'snot fair that if people with glasses have to deal with the sun without sunnies and have headaches and all that. So, I am that cool kid with two pairs of glasses on. They actually go over my glasses pretty well. The ones pictured above have been my favorites.

The obsession started this spring with this pair. You might not be able to find these and I am so sorry. One day a few months ago, I was in the Dollar Spot at Target and found these! The price? They were $3.00! THREE DOLLARS! Crazy right? You always got to check out the dollar spot for great finds! I love the frames and the lenses are a shade of gold and they are amazing. AND, they fit right over my glasses. Fashionable & affordable. That's all a girl with glasses want.

The pair to the up above are a pair that I have had for a number of years. Doesn't look like it right? They are from Anne Taylor Loft. I believe I got them on sale for around $15 at the time. I will list all my favorite sunnies on my ShopStyle account. I was able to find some that look like these from Loft. I love the big frames on these. The actual lenses are almost have a purple tint to them. It adds funk to the sunglasses. I usually wear these if I am going to wear my contacts, my glasses really don't fit under these bad boys.

The next two and final two are my favorites so far!

Okay. These sunnies? They are from the brand #QUAY. If anyone reading this watches YT videos and follows fashion Instagram accounts, I BET you have seen this brand. I always wanted a pair, but when I looked them up? I could not afford them. Sunnies that are over $40? I just couldn't spend that much. BUT! I was looking around my local #Marshalls and just went over to the sunglasses and I saw these beauties. MARBLE sunglasses? SO ME! I love anything marble. So, naturally, I had to check them out. I nearly died. I saw that they were #QUAY sunglasses and they were only...... $14. Umm say what? I had to buy them then and there. They are usually $55! I couldn't let these beauties out of my hands. And? They fit perfectly over my glasses and the lenses don't even show that I'm wearing my glasses. The picture above with me wearing them? You guessed it. I'm wearing them OVER my glasses. I was so happy when they could fit over them. They are almost the same frame shape. Snaps to me. You can buy them here. They are not everyone's style. But, you got to have a funky pair of sunnies in your collection. You just gotta.

The last pair are my new recent pair I got. See the logo? That's right, another pair of #QUAY sunnies! They were from.... You guessed it, they were from #Marshalls. They were Red Tagged for $12. SCORE! These are a great pair for everyday. I also love that the logo in on the actual lens. So you can see what the brand, like Ray Ban. Wondering if they fit over my glasses? They do, but you can only see a little of my glasses, but from far away, you wouldn't notice at all. So, if you want the brand name sunnies? Check out #Marshalls. I always say that about everything. But it is so true. They are stepping up their game.

So, even though Summer is almost over, don't forget, Fall is pretty sunny too! Check out the links for the sunnies and you can always find something that is like the ones I have if you have a whole different style than me! You can also go over to the "Shop My Style" page here on my blog to see how I style them and all that jazz!

Until the next post!



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