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⚡️Today has been a Magical day⚡️

So, if you ever want to make me happy? Iced Coffee, Sunflowers andddddd Harry Potter.

I've been obsessed with Harry Potter since as long as I could remember. I remember reading the book when I was in elementary, I'm 28 now. So, basically, all of my life.

I know all of the movies by heart and I can watch them any time and any day and not get sick of them. I've read all of the books too, but I do want to start the whole series over. I read "The Cursed Child" book, the play, in five, FIVE hours. I was pretty proud of myself.

I recently got an e-mail from #primark #primarkUSA stating that there is a Store in Store of Harry Potter for Harry's birthday, July 31st. Primark asked me if I wanted any goodies from the Harry Potter collection and I freaked out. First, that Primark e-mailed me and second that they wanted to send me FREE Harry Potter items. I course said YES and two days ago they said it was on it's way and this morning I got the package. I was in the middle of getting ready for the day and heading out to Target. My hair wasn't done and I ran to get the package. Couldn't wait to open it. I opened it with my mom and we were both freaking the heck out. All I have to say is OH MY GOD. I am so thankful that they thought to e-mail me. Primark is one of my favorite stores. We have two in MA and they are very close to me. I've done hauls on my YT channel. All of the Harry Potter items are amazing.

Thank you again, #Primark #PrimarkUSA. I cannot thank you enough! I will be checking out the Downtown Crossing store for sure!

About to put on the 3rd Harry Potter movie and just take it all in that I got items from #Primark!



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Iced Coffee & Sunflowers


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