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So, I know I am a little late with the new year's posts, sorry!

I've been thinking... How do I want to start off the new year on the blog?

A 2019 Spotify playlist!

This year, for me, is all about me. I was in something of a relationship, and when it ended it got me thinking; it's time to focus on me. My job (which I love), the blog (I got a little behind) and other things. I feel like I'm a little changed already. Becoming the person I really want to be, with my on going battle anxiety, PTSD and depression over 3 years, yes, 3 years (I might have the guts to a blog post on my battle soon, you will understand me a lot more). I feel like the "old" Caitlyn with a hint of "new" Caitlyn. I've already done things that a year ago I would never do.

So, I decided to name the playlist, "thank u, next - 2019 💖." Why you ask? I, like other girls I'm sure, feel like the song is my 2019 song. It reminds me to take care of myself for myself. Date yourself. Treat yourself. Now, whenever I go out and that song comes on, it will make the "new-ish" Caitlyn happy and remind me that I'm doing this for me. Even if you are in a relationship, this playlist can be a good getting ready for the year to come; be a girl boss, have girl power, and time with friends.

So, basically, the theme 2019 is Self Care.

This playlist has a mix of girl power songs and then some. It sort of starts with starting with the new relationship with myself, "thank u, next." Goes into the heartbreak songs, nothing sad; songs that make you stronger. Then, goes into the girl power and girl boss songs. And ends with the Panic at the Disco's version of "The Greatest Show." Why? Because 2019 is going to be YOUR year, the GREATEST SHOW. So, it's almost the soundtrack/musical to my 2019.

I hope you enjoy this playlist, listen to it while you get ready for the day, play it on shuffle, and more. And if you didn't notice, there are only 29 songs. I did that for a reason; the year 2019 and this year I'm turning 29. So, why the hell not!

Until the next post, girl bosses!

xoxo Caitlyn

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