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Summer in the City

It is finally Summer! I live south of Boston. I used to live in Southie (forever and always a Southie girl!). Now, I can just take a train ride into the city whenever I want, and I love that. I feel like Spring and Summer are the best months in Boston. Yes, I know Fall is like the number one, but there are some things you can't do in the Fall that you could do in the Summer.

Here is a little list of things I think everyone should do in Boston during the Summer.

[ I will have pictures to go with the places ]

Boston to Do's in the Summer

Public Garden -- Swan Boats; Fun for all ages and very relaxing. You get to basically have a water tour. Little kids (and adults) can enjoy the ducks and Romeo and Juliet, the swans that live there. The boats are great day breaker, cute date spot, and good for nice pictures of the trees and the swans.

Boston Common -- Frog Pond; "Pond" with a water fountain. Great way for the kids to cool and have fun. Also, walking through the Common? Take off your shoes and cool off in a much simpler way. Here is a picture of my brother and I. This was in 2013. My mom, Jack and I spent the day in Boston. We were walking by the Frog Pond, and Jack (who loves water and is basically a fish) wanted to go in so I went in with him. He had a great time. Long story short? Frog Pond is great for any age.

Coffee Shops -- Come on, you guys I had to put coffee in here somewhere. My friend Lauree and I have only explored 3 places but there are multiple of these around the city and there are more coffee shops are the city. My top three are first Blackbird Doughnuts, they have amazing coffee and you guessed it. They also have amazing doughnuts. Second would have to be Thinking Cup. They have so many types of coffee and so much food to choose from. Inside is also very cute, you can sit down and enjoy your coffee and treats. And, third would have to be Tatte Bakery. When you walk in, it is so bright and welcoming. I only had an iced latte, but it was a damn good coffee. They do have food and I plan on getting something next time I go.

Beacon Hill -- You guys know I love this place. It has such character and is just beautiful. Tatte Bakery is located there. Get a coffee and explore. Make sure you have your camera or have room on your phone because this place, you can take thousands of pictures and no picture will be the same. They might look it, but it's because the whole place is basically brick. It is just so old Boston and it feels like you're not in the city.

As of right now, those are my to dos this summer. If there are any more, I will make a new post for sure. Hope you enjoyed my little Summer to do list! Let me know if you go to any of these places!

Well, until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

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