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Style on a Budget // Look for Less

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, but I needed content.

I had today (2/21/19) off and I was on a mission. #Marshalls is one of my favorite stores to find amazing deals.

One little problem, I had no idea what I was looking for.

So, I went to the shoes and browsed a little. I finally went to sale and I it just so happened that the pair I picked up were a yellow tag, which I believe is the lowest the price goes. The price? $12. I was in shock and of course I put them in my cart. I knew then, it was going to be a good shopping trip.

I went over to the bags, and let me tell you, there were so many cute bags and so many Michael Kors purses I want to buy; next paycheck.

As I walked to the makeup, I saw the belts, and I was in need for a new one. It just so happened that I saw a Michael Kors one with the MK logo in gold, almost like the Gucci one. I looked at the price and I found myself putting it in my cart. What can I say, I’m a sucker for anything MK.

Now, to makeup. There were so many high-end brands there and I wanted everything. Too Faced, ABH, Becca and more! I found an untouched lipstick, which is always a great find. Buxom lipstick for…. $4.99. It wasn’t a sample size, it was a full size and I checked on Sephora and they go for $22. So, that was a complete steal; saving $17. With the makeup are the perfumes and body sprays. I saw a familiar brand and I was looking at the roller ball at Sephora online the other day; Elizabeth and James Nirvana in the scent Amethyst. The notes are tobacco, honeysuckle and cedar. Yes, I was taking a chance by buying it before smelling it, but it is right up my alley, I will be wearing it every day. The price? $25 on sale. Hell freaking yes.

Then, I went about my business and just walked around the store. And I must give my mom credit, she found a tank that could be a dress if you pair with leggings and a nice purple colored sweater with details on the arms. Both were $8 each. SCORE! Nice one, mum.

Last item is a phone case, a Kate Spade case. A leopard print case. Again, it ended up in my cart. I have a little phone case problem, but it’s totally fine. For a Kate case, $14.99 is such a deal when they can be around $35/$40.

Total of everything?

Buxom Lipstick -- 4.99

Purple Sweater -- $8.00

Tank Top -- $8.00

Shoes -- $12.00

Phone Case -- $14.99

Belt -- $16.99

Perfume -- $25.00



*Everything will be linked to my page*


The point of this post?

You don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money to have a great style. Marshalls is such a great place to go and dig for deals. They have brands like Lucky Brand and Calvin Klein. I go there for purses. My brown/tan MK purse? From Marshalls for around $90 on sale. You have to look for the red and yellow tags. They are your best friend there.

You can also go on/to Amazon, Target sales, TJMaxx and even the sale section of Loft have amazing deals.

No need to have your wallet be empty when you can get deals.

Until next the next post



*If you go to my Instagram, I have a highlight of my haul if you want more details and pictures.*

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