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Steal Deals

Hello, Loves! Happy Monday!

Friday I posted a picture on Instagram that I sorta want to get into...

I went to #Marshalls on Friday and picked up a few goodies. I am aware that I have a Marshalls shopping problem, but there are amazing deals there. Yes, you can off and on days for shopping there. You can hit the jackpot or come out with nothing, which has happened to me many times.

So, when I go into Marshalls, which I know the store I go to like the back of my hand (I even know the workers, sad I know) I go to my favorite sections. Makeup/Beauty, Purses, Home and of course Clothing, I shop in the Juniors section. I usually have a game plan, just browse through each section. I never have anything in mind to pick up. I feel like that's when you find the goodies. I feel like when I am walking round, It looks like I'm on mission. I am, I'm on a mission to find amazing deals.

On Friday, the first thing I picked up was the brush set (the site is a New Zealand shop). I picked it up and looked inside, and died a little. They were marble brushes. I have always wanted marble brushes. So, naturally I flipped it over to see the price. I saw a red tag and you know what that means, SALE! The price you ask? $8! Five brushes and a little makeup pouch for $8! I recently looked up the price in New Zealand dollars, $49.99! I had to convert the money and the USD? $34! I was in shock! I saved $26! Snaps for me!

After browsing the rest of the store, I always check out the phone cases, I'm a little obsessed with changing the case on my phone. When I saw this #HABITU one that's marble. Not just any marble, though. Light pink and purple marble. It looks like a kitchen counter top, which I love. I saw it for $9.99. On their website, the average phone case is around $34. Another steal!

I thought I was done with shopping, until I got in line. You know how they have items there so you spend more? Well, it happened to me. I saw the "I followed my heart and it led me Marshalls" mug. I've been seeing them on Instagram under the hashtag #marshallsfinds which I follow, just to see what's in stores. It was only $2.99, I couldn't pass it up. It's now on my desk holding my pens. The last place I look is the makeup section in the check out line, they always have the good stuff there. I saw another #lorac lip gloss, from the collection "I love Brunch", in the color "Pastry Chef," a nice pink color. Again, like the other products I got in my review/haul post, it was $3.99 originally $17.99. Anddddddd the last and final thing I saw was the #toofaced lip injection, which is a lip plumber. I always wanted one of them and I got the color "Milkshake." It was $6.99 and on the too faced website it is $22.00. I tried it on and holy moly! It really does work. STEAL DEALS all around!

So, if you want to find deals, you gotta dig around. Over the years, Marshalls has become on of my favorite stores because of the deals! And, their makeup section is stepping it up, I love it. If you go to Marshalls and find anything awesome, comment below or on the picture! I totally wanna see and know you steal deals.

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

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