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Season's Treatings

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I got a WONDERFUL PR package today!

Makeup from #ProfusionCosmestics!

As I was opening the package, sequins were popping out. I KNEW it was the holiday collection and I got right on to Instagram to share it with my followers. If you go to my Insta, there is a special Highlight just for the PR unboxing.

The picture to the right is what I saw when I opened the package. So?!

Let's dive in and see what I got!

I also did some fancy swatches for you!

Just like the other packages I've received, you can get the products at your local #Target or on the Profusion Cosmetics website.

**FYI, I am NOT being paid to post about what I've been sent. I just love the company so much I want to share my real and true reviews!**


The first thing I opened was this beauty! The Bare Eyes palette. This palette is perfect for a quick and easy look for everyday. Also, it is travel friendly! Small, compact and has a two sided brush. The palette is a tin almost like the Urban Decay's Naked 2 and 3. For closure? You can hear it click when it is closed. The colors and swatches? AMAZING!

They are so pigmented, you know when you purchase a palette from them that it's always going to be amazing.

Eye-shadow Makeup Case - Bare Eyes $6.99


This highlight and contour palette is the cutest thing ever. It fits perfectly in my hand. You know what that means, TRAVEL FRIENDLY!

This palette is all you need for highlighting and contouring your face. The first two shades in the first row are meant for setting the under eye (or sculpting out your contour). The third shade is the highlight shade. Yes, it is a gold color. I know what you're thinking, the color will not work for me. You can make any highlight shade work. Just use a soft hand when dipping in your brush. If it's too much, you can always go over it with the first two shades to make it lighter.

The second and final row are the contour shades. The first one will most likely be the shade I will be using for my contour. The second shade is dark, but, you can always make your contour a little deeper near your ear and you will be all set. The last and final shade? Too dark for me. I am glad there are all different shades for all different skin types.

Again, swatches were nice and smooth and you know they will go on perfectly on the face.

Highlight & Contour Palette - $4.99


Now this beauty? So gorgeous!

This "Pink Sparkle" kit came with a brush, with pink metal on the brush. It also came with a glitter eyeliner, which I forgot to take a picture and swatch. I do have the swatch on my Insta Story. I feel like you can use the eyeliner as what it is, an eyeliner. Or, I bet you can use it all over the lid for a glam look. Another usage for it could be a cut crease look. The ideas just go on and on.

Onto the shadows! You get 8 eye-shadows in the red and pink family. The two large pans? Highlight and blush! You can always you them as eye-shadows as well. The blush could be a crease shade and the highlight can be for all over the lid or for inner corner or the eye. The swatches? I am going to sound like a broken record. They are so smooth and amazing at the touch. Can you imagine a whole look with this and using the blush and highlight as both eye-shadow?! Beautiful!

Mixed Metals Palette Pink Sparkle - $9.99


I've been a fan of "Lips - To - Go" before a few were sent to me. I am a huge fan of the lip liners. I hope in the future that Profusion comes out with the lip kit items separate. I'm running VERY low on my favorite one.

This kit is very different. There is a LIPSTICK and a LIP STROBE.

I am in love with the formulas of all these products. I feel like this color will be perfect for a holiday party or even New Years Eve!

Lips to Go Rich Plum - $4.99


The last and final product I was sent was this beauty! The WANDERLUST palette. This palette is one of FOUR in the holiday collection. There is a wonderful mixture of glitters, shimmers and mattes. Just like the other 21 shade palettes they have out, the formula is just the same, maybe even better! This palette is again going to be perfect for a holiday party, NYE or even everyday. The mattes and any shimmer can go together to make a glam or a simple look. The color section is just amazing.

I might even go to #Target to get another palette. I love this one so much.

Wanderlust 21 Shade Palette - $9.99


I hope this post is useful to anyone wanted new makeup but at a very affordable price! I put the prices to show that amazing makeup does not have to be over $50! I've been using #profusion in my everyday look for a while now.l I just love the palettes and color pay off all the items have.

Want (or need) new makeup for your collection or for a special night? You HAVE to check out #Profusion. Check your local #Target. The brand is also at #Walgreens and #Walmart!

Well, my loves! Until the next post!

xoxo, Caitlyn

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