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I just can’t believe that I started my blog a year ago. Doesn't that sound so crazy?!

So many amazing things have happened over the last year since starting this blog.

Things like being featured or interviewed for blogger/influencer articles. The big one was the Boston Voyager. It was so unreal getting that email that they wanted to feature me; not just one time, two times. I was thinking that it was just the start of my blog but it was a great way to get the ball rolling.

Since starting Iced Coffee & Sunflowers, I’ve met some amazing people. Meeting them at events and/or fashion shows. Having friends that know the blogger life is so refreshing. I don’t have to explain to my other friends why I’m taking pictures or random things. A big part of meeting new friends is Bloggers Live Boston. Having a community of Boston bloggers is amazing.

After starting the blog four months, I was invited to NYFW 2018. Going to NYFW has always been a dream of mine as long as I could remember. But, being invited as an influencer?! Even better. It felt so unreal. Taking outfit pictures in public around bloggers didn’t feel as weird than taking pictures in “regular“ public. I still have to pinch myself that I actually went to NYFW.

The social media part of the blog? It has gotten me out of my shell and to be more personal. Think about it, I share almost everything of my life on the internet. I changed my personal Instagram account to business as a blogger. I was already sharing outfit, makeup, even good way before there was such a thing as an “influencer.” Now, I have a Facebook page that I share my Instagram images and more. The big thing for me was being accepted to LIKEtoKNOWit. I’ve followed bloggers and had the app for them. Now? I’m on it and sharing things for my followers. A full circle almost. The most recent social media platform is Pinterest. I want to share my love for fashion, beauty, iced coffee (of course) and more with you guys. Having all these social media platforms makes going on the for “work” fun.

Coming to the end of this post...

Starting a new job, thanks to blogging. As I stated in the past, I have a job at LOFT. I don’t know if you remember, but, one of the first fashion blogger events was at LOFT in Boston. I fell in love with the store and started following a store that was closer to me on Instagram. One day they posted an insta story about hiring. I responded and long story short and 7 months later, I’m working at that store. Thanks to being a blogger and hearing about events, I have a job that I love.

The future of blog? I hope to write more (I’ve been more active on Instagram and LIKEtoKNOWit). There are many things that I want for the blog and I hope to create them. Trying to make a schedule with my job, family/friend time and the blog. You know I love to make lists.

Again, I still CANNOT believe it’s been ONE YEAR since this little blog was created.

I hope to have more of you come join the family because there are more and exciting things happening.

Until the next post

xoxo Caitlyn

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Hey there! My name is Caitlyn.

I'm an iced coffee addict, cat mum & a makeup junkie.

Love posting daily OOTDs on my Instagram!

I post about fashion on an affordable budget, cruelty free beauty and a few random bits of me life!

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