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"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind them and look forward to the future... this is known as fashion week." - Carrie Bradshaw

I still cannot believe it. I went to NYFW. This has been my dream for as long as I remember. It felt so surreal.

A few months ago, I was planning on going to NYFW with two other bloggers I met through #stylecollective, it is a site where bloggers can sign up and have help for their blog; I signed up a few months ago and the site is so useful. We were working our butts off to go to NYFW. The big thing was the hotel. We were not getting any emails from the hotels we emailed to get sponsored. I thought we started too late for this whole process. I told the girls I was not going because I could not afford staying 3 nights in NYC.

I signed up to get invites to shows, which I thought wasn't going to happen because I'm a newbie blogger. WRONG-O! I started getting invites for shows on Monday, the 3rd. I was almost crying about getting invited, crying because I thought I couldn't go. When I was receiving the emails, I texted on of my best friends who lives in NJ, we always have NYC glam weekends, she's like my NYC partner in crime. When I told her about the invites and I said I couldn't go, she texted to me, why not?! She was right. Why not?! I can go for one night and see some shows.

The final count of invites were 9. Invites to 9 shows. I was so shocked. Out of the 9 shows, I went to 2 of them.

#OxfordFashionStudios invited me to three shows, all on the same day, and I had 2 plus one's to all three. I could only do the last two (I was traveling to NY on the day of the shows, very early in the morning and would not have time to go to the first one).

Wondering who I invited to go with me? One of my best friends, Holly, who lives in NJ and my mom. When I decided on going I knew that Holly was one of my guests and I asked my mom if she wanted to go. My mom has never been to NYC at all. I am the one that does all the traveling to NYC in my family. I knew she would love to go and go to NYFW. Her first time in NY and it's NYFW?! SCORE!

We decided on going Tuesday, the 4th. We got bus tickets and hotel all in one day. It didn't seem real at all booking everything. It didn't seem real that I was going to NYFW. So freakin' insane.


Okay, let's get down to the shows! Oxford Fashion Studios. For the fashion shows, it was not just one designer, it was a collection of designers. Which I thought was better. It was like seeing five shows in one.

Date: Sept 8, 2018 | Location: Pier59 Studios, Chelsea Piers | Times: 2 pm & 4 pm

Show One Designers -

Caroline Perino (United Kingdom), Caroline Smouse (USA), Atalanka (USA), C’EST D. by Doyeon Yoni Yu (USA), and Viktoria Tisza (Hungary).

Show Two Designers-

Lesunja (Switzerland), DAYKEYLA (USA), Charly Nzogang (Belgium), Meticulously Eccentric (USA), DM Jewelry Designs (USA) and Megan Cannings (Australia).


Seeing all these designers was amazing. AND?! We got front row! First NYFW and we get front row? It was so crazy. I was getting a little anxiety with everything happening; surprisingly, it was excitement anxiety.

Looking around at all the people? I felt like a fish out of water, HOLY MOLY. My outfit was inspired on "Street Style," which is basically my style. Um, next year, I have to go all out. It was insane all the outfits. And that wasn't even the fashion show. With it being my first NYFW, I did not know what to expect. If you look up pictures of NYFW on Instagram? That is what people wear. So crazy.

The collections, though? BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING and so many other words that don't come to mind to describe the clothing. I did do some LIVE Instagram stories of the shows and I have a whole Instagram Highlight of NYFW. So, if you watch it, I hope you feel like you are front row to a fashion show.

When ever I've seen videos of fashion shows or movies with shows in them (Devil Wears Prada is a really good one), you see the models, flashing lights of the cameras and guests with phones. That was what it was. It felt like I was Anne Hathaway from Devil Wears Prada watching these shows for the first time. I was almost crying because it was real. I was at a fashion show for NYFW. Mind was so blown. Just watching fashion pieces go down the runway, it felt so good. Being front row, you could see all the hard work the designer put into the work. All the designers did such a great job.

After the shows, I spotted some fellow #BostonBloggers. I ran into the girls of Boston Live Boston. If you are a Boston blogger, you should sign up for their site, I did and its only $5 a month! The girls, Leanne and Jess, are so nice! It felt good seeing other Boston gals at NYFW.

I feel like this is all I can say about my experience of my first NYFW. Still cannot believe it. Keep you eyes peeled for two more posts about NYFW.

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

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