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Monday, Monday, Monday!

Hey you Iced Coffee & Sunflowers! Hope you all had a FAB weekend!

My weekend was pretty good. My brother, Jack who is 22 nonverbal and has Autism, always has a baseball game on Sundays (which I think will be my one day off from the blog). They are like the highlight of his whole week. He has been playing for over 10 years and he has finally learned to hit the ball! It is a very small swing, but man, does he get what he is doing. He thinks he is hot stuff. So, yesterday, he hit (barely a swing) the ball 2 times! Last Sunday was his first hit, EVER. I had a proud sister cry moment.

After the game, I went to see a friend. She put up on FB that she was selling a MK bag and I contacted her and BOOM! $20 for a MK bag! I've always wanted a MK bag like this. You think it's small, but it fits everything! You guys know me, I love my bags, I basically a #baglady and I am PROUD OF IT. This bag will deff be making its debut on my instagrams #ootds and of course on here.

This is going to be a quick blog post. I have to do a few things around the house then I have to get ready for a concert. Yes, I am going to #HarryStyles in #Boston. I know you are jealous. I will be talking pictures of my outfit and taking pictures and videos of the concert, duh! So, if you are reading this on June 18th, check out my Instagram (just click and my insta will pop up!) for instastories, boomarangs and more!

Sorry this was a short and sweet post, but I did not want to break my blog posting game!

Get ready for the Harry Styles concert post tomorrow!

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

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