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Kate Spade

Dec 24, 1962 - June 5, 2018

Rest In Peace

I wanted to create a post remembering Kate Spade, designer and inspiration..

On June 5th, 2018, it was a normal day for me. All of sudden my phone started to blow up. I saw text messages from my dad and friends. All of the messages basically said the same thing, Kate Spade had died by taking her own life. I started to cry. She was such an inspiration to me (and still is), and I know, to so many others. With my dad and friends texting me saying she passed, they knew she was an inspiration and that she meant something to me. Finding out she suffered from depression, her death hit me like a tracker trailer truck. You would never think that Kate Spade, this amazing, bright and colorful designer would take her own life. I just could not believe it. She was gone. Hearing that she was getting help and she still took her life, she had gotten to a place where she was in the black hole that some people just can't get out of. Having depression, it hit me harder than I thought it would. It felt like I lost a family member. I lost my uncle 3 years ago this May and I fell right back into that depression. Being so close to him and looking up to Kate, I wasn't myself at all, and my family knew it. I was crying off and on for days. As I'm writing this, it is still a total shock and it does not seem real that she is gone, gone forever.

My mom and I have always loved her style and have bought many Kate Spade items over a number of years. Many bracelets, rings, earrings, purses, wallets, phone cases and the list goes on. I felt like I knew her. I've been to so many Kate Spade stores and every time I walked in, a smile always appeared on my face. The stores are always bright and colorful, just like her. Her style is just so amazing. My inner fashion diva would dress like Kate if I had the money. She's almost like a more colorful Audrey Hepburn, her style will never be forgotten.

Kate is and always will be a fantastic designer. She was a high end designer, but the every day girl could save her money and buy a wonderful Kate Spade New York purse. The styles of the purses are timeless. She didn't create bags that other designers have made. They are one of a kind. There are the classic Kate bags, the funky bags, and the bags that are just a fashion statement in it's self. The jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, and home decor are just like her purses, one of a kind. There are a pair of heels that I would love to wear on my wedding day. Hey, a girl can dream. Kate Spade style in one sentence? Glitter, Girly and Beautiful.

Kate also is known for having the most beautiful and inspirational quotes. I have a few in my room, have some saved to be my laptop wallpaper and of course iphone wallpaper. I always look on Pinterest for Kate quotes for wallpaper or just for inspiration if I'm having a bad day. I'll have some of my favorites below in case you wanted to save them (click on them and they will take you to the Pinterst link).

I will always look up to Kate for work and life inspiration. She was and still is a #girlboss and I love it. I have no formal way to end this but, Kate will never be forgotten, and sad to say, her death was a shock to people and maybe someone will do something to help people with mental illnesses.

I will forever love her.

xoxo Caitlyn

Rest in Peace, Kate.

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