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Labels or Love...

Hey my loves! You a bag lover? Then you came to the right post...

Are you a Sex & the City fan and know the first movie? Then you would know I just quoted the opening song to the movie, Labels or Love.

If you don't know me, I am a bag lady. It is a problem and it started when I was a toddler. So, I blame my mom. Sorry, mom. I've been getting into the designer purses; Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Kate Spade (just to name a few brands) over the past few years now. All my Michael Kors are real and only my mini wallet and Speedy from Vuitton are real. Yes, I do have a Neverfull, but it not real. I wish it was. The monogram Neverfull is my second dream bag, the Speedy is my first. The Neverfull was around $200 or so, it is pretty good for a fake.

I've never seen a good Speedy dupe, but I do have dupes for other luxury brand bags.

Chloe, Celine, Rebecca Minkoff, and Alexander Wang to name a few. If you look real hard, you will find real good dupes.

To get to the point of this post, I found a really good dupe for the Hermes Birkin purse. And I got it from........ Amazon. SO CRAZY. I've always loved the style and look of the bag. I know I could never get a real one, unless I win the lottery. I always Remember in Sex and the City, which is one of my favorite shows of all time, and yes I am a total Carrie, when Samantha wanted a Birkin. Carrie thought it wasn't Sam's style. For me? I never thought I could pull it off. It looks so business like. When I got the bag in the mail, I knew it was going to be one of my favorite bags. The price of this bag? You will never guess. On Amazon, there are ones for over $70. Mine was... $30 and it was from the States, not China like all the other dupes. I read the reviews and saw a few customer pictures and I was sold. There is something about this bag, I have no idea. I do know that it will be great for Instagram pictures. Yeah, I that girl/blogger. Sorry to say that I got the last one. I bet they will be in stock soon. You can also look for other ones. This purse only came in this color, grey. I thought it looked very classic.

If you love luxury brands and items, do your research. Search Amazon, BagInc and Ebay. It doesn't have to be the right design but it can look like a sister to it, not the twin. I think that Amazon the the best place to get dupe items. You can get belts, shoes, sunglasses, bracelets and the list goes on!

I'm thinking of creating a post on an OOTD that looks like I have high end brands on, but really not. I am a shopper on a budget. As people say, I'm "bougee on a budget."

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

|Some details photos of the purse |

[ This is with the purse buckled. As you can see, it is very hard to fit things in. ]

[ This is when it is unbuckled, how I wear it. There is more room and the bag expands. ]

[ The bag came buckled and I could not find the key. I looked on the bottom of the lock and it looked like you had to open it with a screwdriver. The lock isn't a "real" lock. You can undo it without a key and pull it down and it unlocks. ]

[ As you can see, this is what I have in my bag now. I wanted to show you what could fit in the purse. My old iPad 4, bigger one, not the mini, and my big planner can fit in the purse! The last photo is with the cross-body strap it came with. I do not think I will use it, but it's good to have. ]


Here is my Dupe Collection

I will link similar items for the purses, I do not believe where I got mine, they are selling them anymore. Sorry! The ones that are linked are over $30, but it is worth it better than the expensive AF real ones!

** BagInc is where I got the large Celine Phantom and it is so worth the money! **

1 - Large Celine Phantom | 2 - Mini Celine Phantom | 3 - LV Neverfull | 4 - Chloe Faye

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