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I’m just a girl who loves…

“I’m just a girl who loves Mascara” – Emilia Clake


As I was going through my makeup collection, I was thinking what is one product that I have been using nonstop 24/7…The quote says it all. Mascara.

I’ve used my fair share of different mascaras over the years. The good, the bad, the ugly, high-end and drugstore. This mascara is the best of both worlds. It is a drugstore mascara with the formula and performance of a high-end mascara. It is a new mascara that has been on the store shelves for a few months now.

Want to know what I’m talking about…Cover Girl’s Exhibitionist Mascara. That’s right, Cover Girl.

Let’s go on why I am completely in love with this mascara, shall we?

Who needs a man when makeup can make us happy? Just saying. I’ve had this product for over a month, and I might need a new tube pretty soon. It is the only mascara I use. When I use it, I feel like I am putting on the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I think that it could be a very dupe; the wand could almost be a twin to the Too Faced. The formula is that good.

It feels great putting it on and it goes on so easily. When you are in a rush and you need to put mascara on, use this one. One coat and you are good to go out the door and take on the world. When you apply it, for me, I feel like it gives me thicker lashes and gives tons of volume. Let’s face it, we don’t want a mascara that just puts on the formula and does nothing to our lashes. Lashes complete the look. Imagine, your whole face of makeup is on; brows, eye shadow, lipstick and all. If we don’t use mascara, our makeup would look a tad weird, don’t you think?

Another perk of the product, the packaging is so simple and chic. All silver with black type font and that is it. To some people, they might think it Is boring. Having a product with simple packaging can stand out to the human eye more.

From experience, some of the mascaras I’ve used, I thought they were amazing. But nothing compares to the Cover Girl. I only use cruelty free makeup, so I have been looking for a good drugstore one to use. I work almost every day and so, putting on mascara every day, a high-end one would be very expensive, and I am not about that life. When I found out they went cruelty free, it was a very happy day for me. I remember using Cover Girl when I was in high school and I remember loving the products. I believe I used one of the foundations for prom. Talk about a throwback.

Now that I have basically written a novel on a mascara, I think that the next time you in a drugstore, Walmart or Target, buy the mascara and see how you like it. It might be different for you than it was for me. Just give it a whirl, you never know, you might find your new holy grail mascara.

Until the next post

xoxo Caitlyn

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