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Harry. Styles.

Man, oh man.

Yes, I went to the Harry Styles concert in Boston last night at the TD Garden. And, yes, I am 28. It's Harry Styles. So, go ahead and judge, if you have to. I will get into the concert, but I wanted to share my #OOTN first. (Sorry, not sorry, I get into GREAT detail.)

I got my inspiration from the man himself. I of course follow him on Instagram and all the concert outfits give me life. I am just in love with him AND his outfits. COME ON, he is a diva and I love it. The floral suits are my favorite. When I saw those and this picture below of him in this mustard colored suit, I knew what I was going to wear. I knew it was going to be hot summer night, so, I knew a dress was a must and a simple pair of sandals. I wore this dress before and it is so comfortable, there are two slits in front (sorry had to take a quick OOTN pic and this was my favorite). So walking in this dress was going to be no problem and nice and breezy.

I got this dress from Target last year, sorry, and it is one of my favorite dresses for the summer. The color is basically a match with the suit. The dress is also floral so, when I saw is in my closet I thought "Harry Styles." I paired it with this Gucci belt from Amazon, which I got for $13. I had another belt in mind, but he models for Gucci so, it had to be the GG belt. Since the belt is black, I decided to go with a small black cross-body purse that I got from Daily Look, I know they don't have it anymore. I got it years ago because it's a dupe for a Chloe purse I wanted and it was much cheaper than the real one. As for shoes? I was going to wear boots to have a boho vibe but, it was much too hot for them. I decided on black sandals from Target, basically almost everything in my closet is from Target. My mom and I have them in many colors so we share and the black ones are hers. They are very comfy and cute. So, it was a win win. I put the boho vibe in my hair style, which all I did was two half braids on each side of my head and put in LOTS of hairspray. I thought I did a pretty good job gtting this outfit together, I must say (taking a bow).

Okay, enough with the outfit. Let's get into the concert.

The opening act was Kacey Musgraves. (click on her name and it will bring you to her Spotify) I listened to her like a few days before the concert. I thought, um, a country singer? She was actually really good. She was also a mix of Lana del Rey and Harry. After she got off stage, I met up with my friend, Lauree and her brother Paul who were also there. We were dying to see Harry. We wanted to meet up quick and take a Harry Styles concert selfie.

The man of the hour? Harry? HE. WAS. AMAZING.

I wasn't a huge fan girl of One Direction, but I have their albums saved on my spotify. They're songs were and still are catchy. So, when my friend asked me to go to the concert, I was like, YEAH! He is so gorgeous, how could I not go and his album is amazing.

He started with "Only Angel." Man oh man. Harry live? Holy freakin moly. Just him, singing, looking beautiful and his outfit? Totally worth the money. He played his whole album and a few 1D songs. Whenever he waved or smiled? The whole placed was filled with teen girl screams. I felt pretty damn old being there, but I did not care at all. His smile is to die for. Of course he had to play "What Makes You Beautiful" and then I screamed like a teen girl. That song was my jam when I was in college. I'm making myself only older stating that.

My favorites he sang were "Only Angel," "Woman," "Ever Since New York," "Two Ghosts," "Carolina," and "Sweet Creature." Even though we were surrounded by teenie boppers, it was a really great concert. Harry knows how to put on a show and how to play the crowd too. He's Harry Styles. It's like being Chuck Bass. If he came back to Boston, I would totally see him again.

I'll be watching YouTube videos of him and listen to him and 1D for a while. And I am totally okay with that.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was a pretty long one. If you made it to the end, I give you snaps. Here are some pictures I took, I want to put in the videos I took, but I know they will be copyrighted and it makes me sad.

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

Sorry the pictures are not clear, I really had to zoom in.

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