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Girly Girl Mood

Why hello, fellow readers.

For some odd reason, I've been in a girly girl mood lately.

So, I wanted to share some of my favorite girly products with you...

I'm not one to wear pink nail polish, which I have on now, it is the Marc Jacobs nail polish in the picture. Also, I'm usually all about the black jewelry, but, I recently got a pair of lilac tassel earrings and they have become a fast favorite of mine. And this cute planner that I just got at Marshalls? It's so perfect for me. What attracted me to it was the colors, the way of the drawings are; artsy and sketch like. The outfit? I would totally wear that with the sunnies and the purse. And, of course, the little coffee on it is so me, duhhh.

I think with summer becoming official next week (which is freaking crazy), it might be the reason for my girly mood. Don't get me wrong, being a girly girl is great and all but it's so unusual for me. Maybe it's because it's finally the season to wear cute dresses, tops, strappy sandals and bright colors.

I've been into the bright pinks and also the baby pinks. With the Love Potion phone case, I feel like it is the perfect case for the summer time, bright and cheerful!

Now, the makeup.

I've been really into glosses lately, two are pictured above and one below.

Marc Jacobs | Fenty Beaut | Soap & Glory

They are quick and easy to apply and no mirror needed. The glossy effect also goes with the "summer glow" look that everyone, including me, loves to rock during the hotter months.

The makeup brand I've been loving has been Soap & Glory, which is sold at Target (not being paid to talk about them, I just really love their products.) The packaging of the products? LOVE (also very girly). The way they name the products is just so darn cute. I've used all these products and they are definitely some of my current favorites. I don't know why, but I feel like this brand is the "Girly Girl" brand.

Overall? I feel like this summer I'm going to be a very girly girl one and I'm so excited for it. Just wait for the #ootds.


I hope you enjoyed this little random post and have a great day!!

xoxo Caitlyn

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