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Free Stuff?!

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Did anyone get a hump day treat? "Mean Girls"? No? Too soon?

You are probably asking your self, umm "Free Stuff?!" You read that correct! You don't have to be a fancy YouTuber (which I want to be, getting to that goal, slowly) you can sign up to get free stuff.

I read somewhere that if you sign up with Influenster, you can get free stuff. BUT, you have to review the products, which I don't mind at all. When you sign up, which is free, you're not paying for anything, it might take a while to get an email. For me, I got an email saying I could get a box if I respond within a number of days, which I did. By the way, I am know getting paid to post this, I wish I was. This is just my own opinion on this program!

The website is like a little community and we all help each other. You can also write reviews about your favorite products, not just the ones you receive in the mail. I did a few on some Fenty Beauty products. I will link my profile so you can see what products I received (I'm going to put pictures too in this post). You can also earn points towards something, I haven't earned enough to get something, but I'm getting there. There is an app you can get, which is very easy to set up, instead of going on your laptop and such. With reviewing on the app, you can post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to earns points.There are certain hashtags to use, which is so easy.

I recently got a box with cat food by Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Wetlands (I have a cat named, Dobby, yes from Harry Potter) and a Dove Men box with shampoo, body wash and etc, which I had in mind for my brother. Dobby loved one of the meals it came with and the others, I haven't tried with him yet. Yes, that is him eating/modeling the food for my review I'm going to post. And the Dove Men? Saving it because we don't want to open new products when there are already products open. You have a certain time frame to review, too. So, you don't have to do the review right a way.

In the past, I also got beauty boxes, makeup and skin care. And to tell you the truth, I actually use the products. The skin care I got last year and I'm still using it everyday. The products you receive are full size, which I think is great! The brands are pretty well known too. Like Make Up Forever? The box cost over $30 which I think is pretty good. I also did a review on you YouTube channel about it. As for Cover Girl? I've used both lippies and I really love them! I haven't used the glitter gloss, but I know there will be a time that I need it. The skincare? I did not hear of this brand, Murad. After I got the package, I started to see the brand more and more. I use two of the three products. The third one is more for summer because it has SPF in it.

Overall? I would totally sign up if I were you! When you get the packages in the mail? For me, it's always a surprise, and getting packages? Best feeling ever! It's like your birthday!

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

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