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Farmer's Market

Hey everyone!

This past Sunday, my mom, brother and I went to a farmer's market, it was my first one ever. Yes, first. It is held every Sunday at #UnionPoint #Hangout in Weymouth. It is not your average farmer's market. It almost has an edgy and urban feel to it.

Of course, they have your typical market products like fruits and veggies. But there is also other types of things they sell. My mom got a few tomatoes from a local farm popup, right up her alley.

They also had bakery popups, flowers, and there was even a coffee truck. That's right, a coffee truck. I, of course, had to go over and get myself an iced coffee. So, you guys know I was in my heaven. I then found a baklava popup. It was amazing. I got a little package to take home with me. Mum and I are huge baklava fans so we shared. Found out a little bit about where the baker bakes, how to make it, how long it has to set and etc.

There was also live music, which was nice while you walked around checking everything out. My brother loves music to death. So, he was in his heaven. After we walked around a little bit, we sat down (there were seating areas all around). Jack wanted to be front and center to the music. It was one guy playing guitar and he was pretty good. After his set list was done, Jack and mom walked over for Jack to take a picture with him and he ended up with a free CD! So, first time to the farmer's market was a success! All three of us got something that we loved! Snaps for us!

At #UnionPoint, they usually have a list of things happening on their Facebook page. I hoping to attend more events, the atmosphere there was amazing. If any of you readers go, message me and we can meet up!

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn


So, this is my brother, Jack. I think he thinks he's a blogger too. Look at the pose!

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