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Dreams don't work unless You do...


noun: A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.

synonyms: ambition, aspiration, hope.


Three years ago I would never think this would happen.

Let me give you a little back story...

Three years ago, I had a thought in my mind, "Become a certified Makeup Artist." I've always loved makeup. I really got into makeup when I was in college. Since then, every Halloween I would create special effects makeup looks. I figured, why not and just go for it. I found an online course to become a certified Makeup Artist and I went for it. On April 12, 2016, I made a dream of mine come true.

So, Makeup Artists have makeup kits. I was not about to go to Sephora or MAC to stock my kit. I wanted to be very affordable so anyone can buy the products. So I shopped at Ocean State Job Lot, great makeup at a discount price. I then started to go to #Marshalls and tried different brands. I tried the makeup on myself and if I liked it, I would get another.

One brand stuck out to me, Profusion Cosmetics. I remembered for my first makeup gig, I had the contour palette. I also had it in my collection back then. I loved it so much. I started to follow them on Instagram and Twitter. They follow my makeup Instagram. You can imagine my reaction when that happened. I screamed!

Since then, the brand has expanded and oh my goodness, everything is so beautiful. A few Christmas's ago, I had a "makeup" Christmas. My parents got me some #Profusion products that they found at #Target. The palettes they gave me, I am still obsessed with them to this day.

So, flash forward to today. Three years later.

I received a PR package from, you guessed it. #PROFUSION

I also started crying opening the package. I just couldn't believe it. A brand that I have been using and following for three years sent me a PR package. They have been on my makeup journey with me. I am so thankful for that. I am also so thankful for the package. I just still cannot believe it.


Want to know what I got? I'm going to show you. Swatches and everything!

#Profusion sent me some of the products from the Summer collection; Endless Summer. Everything in the whole collection is amazing, beautiful, and stunning all at the same time. I will leave a link here to their website so you can see what I'm talking about and links to the products I was sent.

All right, fellow makeup junkies. Let's. Do. This.

First thing I opened in the box was Lips to Go in the color Dream (kind of fitting right?). I already have a set called Secret.

The formula of the liquid lipstick is amazing. I love the lip pencils, I wear them with a gloss and that is my lip for the day. And, the lip topper? It just makes the lips complete.


Next product is Beauty Super Stars!

The packaging alone is beautiful! I might have to display it in my room somewhere. The mini collection comes with face products, blushes, highlighter, and contour shades. You also get a mini palette. You get 15 eye- shadows that are so pigmented! You also get a eye-shadow brush, a mini lip topper in Obsessed and a black eyeliner pencil.

The one thing I do not like about this. They are in plastic containers. I wish they were in mini z-palettes so you can store them or even, travel with them.


Here come the swatches! (below the pictures!)

Beauty Super Stars Face Products -

top - blushes: Sparks & Lucky

middle - highlighter: Smashing

bottom - contour: Medium Sculpt & Brilliant Bronzer

Eye-Shadow Palette (some of the shadows are in other palettes #Profusion has.)

Top Row - Polite, Celestial, Celebrate, Poise, Electric

Middle Row - Phoenix, Heavenly, Fearless, Dainty, Frozen

Bottom Row - Outgoing, Zing, Trouble, Lightyear, Supernatural


The last and final product they sent me is the Pro Pigment Eye-Shadow Palette.

LET ME TELL YOU, this is pigmented AF. Such an amazing palette. The palette has a mix of 21 shimmer, glitter and matte shadows. You also get a duo ended eye-shadow brush!

I love it some much, I went to #Target to get the other two in the collection, another post coming in the future. I have two other eye-shadow palettes, not this collection, and the formula is the same and still amazing!

Top Row - Precious, Lively, Atomic, Fling, Popi, Frosting, Shimmy

Middle Row - Beloved, Dizzy, Rush, Devoted, Disco, Jive, Bestie

Bottom Row - Crackle, Power Up, Adorn, Bordeaux, Queen, Go Girl, Nebula


We have gotten to the end. If you have read and looked the the pictures? I give you snaps.

I am so thankful that #Profusion sent these products to me. I cannot wait to play with everything! I will post makeup looks on my Instagram and my MUA Instagram as well.

Until the next post, lovahs!

xoxo Caitlyn

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