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Amazon Haul; I might have a problem...

Hey guys!

It feels so good with be blogging again, you have no idea!


BUT first, I just want to say a few things. There have been a lot of things happening in the world. I want to talk about it before I get into the post. The Black Lives Matter movement. I expressed myself on my Instagram stories with reposting from other people about the matter (my BLM highlight). I, then, voiced why I haven't said anything about the subject my self in another Instagram story (my LIFE highlight). I just wanted to write this so you don't think I'm not paying attention to the world.


OKAY! Did a little bit of damage on Amazon's site. Like, someone should delete the app off my phone. It's that bad.

I got items from like (almost) every category; clothing, jewelry, shoes, beauty and home office/stationery.

I did an Amazon Haul on my Instagram stories, if you are not following me, I post everything from life subjects, OOTDs, makeup and more. Its like the blog but visual.

I did an actual post with some of the items on. I wanted to write this post to give you my reviews and if you should buy the items or not. There are going to be pictures that I took of the items and I will list the prices also. *side note, I have a LOT of Amazon, if you guys want me to do reviews for the items, let me know in he comments!*

Let's start off with the clothing.

I have to say, I have many band tees/graphic tees that I know what I like. I have a whole section in my closet. The Queen tee? I have the same one in black from Target, and I have to say that this on from Amazon, is SO much better! So freaking comfy and it feels like a vintage tee, if that makes any sense. I got an XL (which is the largest size they have) and it was $19.99. Not bad for a band tee. I do have to say that I have tees similar that are from Target that I got for around $10. But, there are other band tees out there, that I've seen other bloggers link they are in the $50 dollar range. NO THANK YOU. I don't "do" blogging for a living and I am not spending that much on a

freaking T-SHIRT. I am an affordable fashion, dupes and more type of girl. Dupes are coming in a few. I know that not everyone are Queen fans (why not? they are freaking amazing). So, if you are looking for other band tees, I know they are on Amazon. Just type in "band tees" and so many pop up!

The two tank tops look the same, feel like they are the same material, but they are from two different shops. I've had the button tank in my cart for a while and I thought it was time to have it in my closet. I got a XXL and I should have gotten a XL. When I took it out of the packaging, I thought it was going to be snug. Nope, VERY loose. The straps on both tanks are adjustable, that is always a plus. A cute bralette with it, so cute and summery. I also think that when I wash it, it will go down in size a little . For the sunflower tank ($15.99), well, I felt like I needed it in my life. Hello, its part of my blog name. Anyways, I got an XL and it fits perfect. It does have a low back. When I tried it on, I had on a regular bra and it showed the links. So, I would pair this tank also with a bralette (might need to do an another Amazon order.)

When I link the items, I get a small commission if you buy from the items from my

Now everyone's favorite thing, DUPES!

I didn't even realize I got dupes in this haul until everything came. Bad blogger on my part.

So, these sunnies were a random item that I added to my cart for the haul. I have sunglasses (that I put OVER my regular glasses. I'm that person) and apparently I thought I needed these. I am so glad that I did get them. They fit over my glasses perfectly. As a normal pair of sunnies? I think they are perfect for the summer time. Very cute, adds a little something to an outfit. And to be honest? I feel like a bad ass girl boss wearing them.

For a dupe to Celine? I really can't tell the difference. I never saw the real ones in person but I did research them, though. The Amazon pair are $14.99, which I think is a great price for sunglasses. The Celine ones? They are.... $450. NO NEED FOR THAT PRICE! The actual name for the Celine ones is "Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses in Acetate." The Amazon ones are called "Retro Oversized Square Sunglasses for Women with Flat Lens." We all know that Amazon's title of items are a little over kill, but that's Amazon.

So, if you are in the market for new sunnies? I totally recommend the $14.99 Amazon ones instead of the $450 ones. I mean, they look identical! Why not have style on a budget! I mean, you're saving $453!


I've been seeing these sandals on my LIKEtoKNOWit feed from other bloggers and I had to check them out, had to see the different colors. I knew they were a total dupe for the Tory Burch Miller Sandal. I am a fan of Tory, I have a purse that I got off of Poshmark. I'm just not going to pay full price when I know I can find different items for a cheaper price. The Tory sandals are $198, no thank you. I'm not about that money life for a sandal.I know people who have them and I'm all for it. But, remember, I am style on a budget. I first bought the tan color first. There is just something about a good tan sandal for Spring and Summer. I have a tan pair from Target, but I wanted to options for shoes.

I read in the reviews on Amazon that you should size up a half size. I am usually an 8 in sandal and I got a 8.5 and they fit perfect! After I ordered the sandals, $23.98, I knew that I was going to love them and that I would want them in a different color. All my items came in different packages, as Amazon does. So, when my shoes came, I put them out and said to myself "Yup, buy another pair." I went with the black ones in an 8.5($12.09 + $8.88. So basically $20.97) and they, again, fit perfectly. I actually got them today, just in time for the blog post. I think they are going to be perfect for Summer. Pair them with dresses, skirt and tank, or jeans and a tank. I feel like they add a little something, just like the sunnies. Yes, I did spend around $40 on these sandals and I'm glad I did. I am not spending $198 on ONE pair of the Tory ones.

[If you've gotten this far in the blog post, I give you snaps. If you haven't noticed, I go into great detail about things. Almost like I'm talking to a friend when I write.]

Now, on to the jewelry

Little back story on the necklace. I saw it on an Instagram AD and I click on it. I did want the necklace, but I did not trust buying from Instagram, so I looked on Amazon for the necklace, $12.99, and I found it! I don't know if this is going to a trend, buying the year you were born necklace, but I wanted to buy one. Again, random buy but I am very happy with it. It is also perfect length to layer with other necklaces I have.

The other picture you see are ear cuffs, all from the same shop. I had two ear cuffs before this purchase. They are like the diamond ones but they are rose gold. When I bought them, I was collecting rose gold jewelry to mix and match with silver items (I don't think mixing an matching rose gold with gold looks good, in my own option). I saw these cuffs on some blogger's Instagram stories, I can't think of who it is right now. When I saw, I knew I had to get a few (there are seven different pairs from this shop). I wanted to get different ones to mix and match together.

The gold cuffs, $9.99, are two different sizes and I was very happy with that. When I tried them on, I was very surprised that they are HEAVY. Not like they are going to hurt your ear, but It made me think they these are going to last a long time (I hope lol). I got the pearl ones, $12.95, to pair with the gold ones. These cuffs are the same size. I feel like you could give one pair to a friend or someone, but, I am going to keep both JUST IN CASE I want to pair them together, maybe. I don't know, it might be a little too much, but, we will see. The last cuffs are the diamond ones, $9.99. Buying those, I thought be good again, to mix and match with the gold ones or to wear alone. I also feel like you could wear them together and it wouldn't look weird at all.

Overall, all the jewelry pieces i got, I feel like I am going get a lot of use from them during the summer. The 1990 necklace, like I said before, you can layer with other necklaces or have it by itself. A simple staple necklace. For the ear cuffs, You can put your hair up in a top knot and show them off. Or, have your hair down, parted on the side or middle and put one side of your hair behind the ear that has the ear cuffs.

It's BEAUTY time...

Since we're in quarantine right now, I've been doing my own nails. I have a few gel colors, from Amazon, and a LED lamp; DIY at home acrylic gel nails. Right now, I believe I am on my fifth set. All I have to say, I don't think I'm going back to the nail salon when this is all over. Doing my nails makes me so relaxed, me time is always good. No shame to the nail salons, but, don;t you hate when they don't get your nails right like the way you want them? I always hated that. Yes, I know and go back and get them fixed, but, I hate doing that for some odd reason. Now, I have my own mini nail salon with all my nail supplies, gel colors and different style of nails and lengths.

I got this set, $6.43, you see above because I wanted to the short square nails. I love the long nails but sometimes you gotta have the short ones. I have them on my nails now and I love them. I also got this set because it comes with the current glue I use for putting on nails. I have a single glue that I got from this brand, you guessed it, from Amazon. I wanted a glue that would be almost like superglue, and this glue is perfect. No nails popping off or anything. Little thing, I do have to say. I have been part of the glue on nails family for over ten years, I love them. You can change your nails as many times as you want.

Now for makeup, I know a lot of people are not putting on makeup every day. I don't but I have been putting on makeup, I want to say about 3/4 days out of the week. It makes me happy and it makes me feel like an actual human during all this. For putting on makeup, I always use a sponge. My favorite type of sponge is a diamond shape. I feel like it puts on your liquid makeup on so much faster. I actually don't know ow I feel about this product, $7.99. I felt like it soaked up all the makeup and wasn't blending at all. I have only used it one time so that is my first impression on it. I do hope it actually works because I have no other sponges right now (I will give an update on my Instagram on it though).


I PROMISE these are the last thing from this haul. Believe me, I want the post to be done too. Dang it, this is what happens when you go into detail. OKAY HERE WE GO

I bought these notebooks to organize my blog thoughts and ideas and for planning out my Instagram posts and such.The larger notebook is by bando.o, $15.95, and the other one is by kate spade, $14.00.

No reviews on these because I feel different people have different ideas on notebook, different people like different things. I DO have to figure out which notebook is going to be blog stuff and the other for Instagram. Very hard decisions, haha.

I have to say, I am pretty excited for this item. This notepad is almost like a daily planner, $10.15. Well, it does say "weekly get shit done planner." I did have one of these on the same idea, but, I was running low. The first one I had just the week days, no weekends, which made me mad. This one? It has everything I need. Weekdays, weekends, to do lists (which I usually have to write on a different notepad), weekly goals and noteworthy shit.

For some reason, having it be called "get shit done" makes me feel more adult. Weird I know. I DO know that I will be using this everyday. I feel like everyone should have one of these, so helpful and useful!

If you've gotten THIS FAR, the end of this post? Can we be friends? I do hope people do read this long blogs. But, ya never know. Any-who, thank you for reading my reviews on my recent Amazon Haul. Like I said up above, I have a LOT of Amazon, if you guys want me to do reviews for the items, just let me know!

I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you in my next post!

xoxo Caitlyn


Here are all the items from my Amazon Haul.

When I link the items, I get a small commission if you buy from my

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