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Is it just me or did 2018 feel like it started yesterday? A blink of an eye and it's gone.

2018 was a year of new things, firsts, fun and more.

Below is my 2018 through pictures. Hope you enjoy and learn a little more about me!

Happy New Year, my loves!


  • First OOTD of 2018

  • Had my first Georgetown Cupcake and it was amazing.

  • Planning the start of the new year.


  • I FINALLY got to see Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera in Boston for my 28th birthday. I've been listening to it for 8 years, ever since it was released. You can sure bet I cried my eyes out. For some of you that do not know, Phantom of the Opera is my ALL TIME favorite musical.

  • Celebrated my actual birthday on Superbowl Sunday. The Pat's were in it and lost, but it was a great way to spend my birthday, snuggled with blankets, eating "football" food and spending time with my family.

  • I've always wanted to have bleached blonde hair. So I went for it and got bangs. I just got out of a relationship that was not right at all. So, typically, had to change up my look. Girls typically do something different to themselves after a breakup, or am I the only one?


March was an emotional month for my family, but in a very good way.

My brother "graduated" out of his program, he has Autism and for special needs children graduate when they are 22. He started a brand new program, he goes every weekday and comes home in the afternoon. He loves it so much. For me being his sister and almost his second mother, it was very emotional for me to see my brother go someplace different. Now? He is big king on campus!

  • Another first for me, I went to Primark in Boston at Downtown Crossing. And let me say, it was amazing.

  • Of course, new month, new year, new picture of iced coffee with a donut. Yes, it is pink because it was the first day of Spring.


  • Even to this day, this OOTD is one of my all time favorites. It is definitely my favorite because of the "Friends" t-shirt.

  • Another Boston coffee date with my friend Lauree and I had my VERY FIRST macaroon. I must say, I have no idea why I haven't tried them earlier.

  • I tried a new perfume that wasn't Bath and Body Works, and it is still my favorite. I also tried out the yellow nail color trend, and I fell in love with the color.


  • I started to change my Instagram into a "Insta Blog" which would lead to something huge!

  • I went the night with The Kooks and The Academic; British and Irish bands. I've been listening to The Kooks since I was in high school, so a long ass time. It felt so amazing to finally see them live.

  • AND at the end of the month, I started something that would change my life...


...June was the start of something new

  • I FINALLY started a blog, this baby; Iced Coffee & Sunflowers. I've wanted to start a blog for the longest time. Having my "Insta blog" made me realize that I should just create a real blog.

  • Another huge thing that happened was that I was contacted by Boston Voyager, and they wanted to feature me along with amazing other people as an up incoming Influencer and Trailblazer. It happened right after I published my blog.

  • I've been into taking "Insta" pictures, with the help of my mom-manger; who has gotten very good taking pictures I must say. I of course have to have either iced coffee or sunflowers with me. The middle picture was my main mini photo shoot for my blog. I loved all the pictures but this one kinda screamed me.

  • June was another month for another concert, Harry Styles; which I have a post on the blog about. This is my OOTN that was for the concert. It was a VERY hot day and I got some fashion inspiration from the man him self, Harry.


  • Another Boston day with my best friend, Lauree; she knows that Insta picture goal life. This time we went to Thinking Cup and went to the North End. We found this wall and I just had to take a picture there, and of course, I have my iced coffee.

  • The middle picture?! Boston Voyager contacted me again and they wanted to do a full on interview. They called me an inspiring trailblazer and It felt so good. Even though I just started my blog at the end of May and the start of June, my blogging career was already getting a kick start.

  • And the last picture to feature the month? My TAYLOR SWIFT concert OOTD. It was my first time ever seeing her live and OMG. I have another post about the concert and can I just say that it was AMAZING.


  • I decided to cut my hair VERY SHORT and dye it more blonde, of course.

  • In August, I was sent my first ever PR package, from PRIMARK USA. The package was to celebrate a popup shop in their Downtown Crossing location in Boston for Harry Potter's birthday, which was July 31st. If you don't know me, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan; my cat is named Dobby after the house elf. I was over the moon with this package and still used the products they sent me.

  • The last picture of this month is something that would change my life in the future. I went to my very first blogger fashion event at LOFT in Boston (post on the blog, also). I met up with a fellow Boston blogger who was one of my first blogger friends. I met so many amazing girls that night. Going to that event made me think that this is what I want to do. It also felt great being with people who understand the blogging lifestyle.


Now, September was the month that made all my fashion dreams come true.

I was able to go to NYFW! I still cannot believe it. I got invited to fashion shows during fashion week. It still feels like a dream. I couldn't have done without my blog and my amazing followers. I was invited to over 9 shows, and yes I am bragging. #sorrynotsorry. I only went to two shows, I didn't even think I would be able to go, so it was a one day/night and the next day we left. For the two shows, I got 2 plus tix. I invited my friend Holly, she is my glam weekend girl. For the second ticket, I invited my mom. Yes, my mom. She is like my best friend. I've been to NYC so many times and she's never been. So, I thought her first time in NYC should be NYFW. Dream of all dreams! After the shows, I saw the BLB girls, BloggersLiveBoston, Jess and Leanne. It felt really cool to see fellow Boston bloggers at the same show. Over all, September? A freaking amazing month.


October was another month of amazing changes.

October 1st, I had an interview for a job that I thought I wouldn't get because I have NO retail experience at all. After the interview? I had the job! Once again, I have a blog post about everything. I feel like after starting working at LOFT, my life changed. You might think I'm a little crazy. My life changed after starting a new job? Yes, it did. I started becoming more of my old self, the old me. My fashion sense got a makeover, but still my own taste.


  • With working at LOFT, for my pictures, I started smiling more because inside, I felt really happy. Doing something I love.

  • I got my second PR package from Profusion and I was in heaven. Their makeup has gotten even more amazing. The face and eye shadow palettes are basically the only ones I use. I'm trying to branch out of the colors I use though. One step at a time.

  • The last picture featured for this month isn't a great example of smiling, but I was being serious. Come on, do it for the Insta. My friend, Lauree, and I finally went into Tatte Bakery to sit and have a coffee date. They place is usually full and not seats open. We found great seating and of course I had to do a typical coffee shop picture.



It was a really good last month of the year. There were some good and bad moments. But, that happens to everyone.

  • Went to my friend, Fizz's new apartment for a holiday party and of courses my whole outfit minus the shoes was all from LOFT. I felt pretty damn good.

  • The second picture is one of my favorite OOTDs. The coat, which is featured on my page and the shirt is of course, LOFT.

  • One night after work, it was a shitty day all round. So, I took myself out for drinks and dessert. I have to say that it felt going and being by myself. Who needs a guy to take you out for drinks. Date yourself.


ON TO 2019!

Let this year be the best one yet! Love all of you!

Until the next post

xoxo Caitlyn

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