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$5,000 or $25?

Okay, you are probably wondering what this is about?

$5,000 or $25....

Well, have you ever wanted something, but it was so damn expensive?

I've got you covered.

So, I've been wanting a black bag to be my going out purse or a special occasion. Naturally, I went on Amazon and just searched black designer inspired bag. I found a bag that I've been wanting since The Hills was on TV (Lauren Conrad always ad a bag similar to this and it's been a dream ever since).

And that bag was a black quilted Chanel purse. Also, it has been a little trendy on Instagram. For the purse, I knew I wouldn't ever be able to get the real $5,000 one. So spending $25 on a purse? I was all set with that.

When I got it in the mail, I was very impressed! The reviews of the purse were all positive, but I wanted to see and feel for my self. And, let me tell you, when I opened the package, I was shocked because it looked really good quality. There was no weird smell that most fake leather purses Amazon have. It can be an everyday bag, but it is TINY inside. I have a very small wallet anyways so it fit perfect. I was just not used to the small bag. I am usually a large bag gal. It is nice to know where everything is and clean with the small purse.

Below is what can fit in the purse and details...

I would still take this out to bars and events, but I would also use it to go into Boston meeting up with a friend and make it a cross body purse. It is a little short but it does not look weird at all, I'm 5'5'' for reference. AND, I have used it for an everyday bag; running errands and I have brought it into work when I had a shorter shift.

You can totally dress this bag up to the nines with an outfit, and you can totally dress it down with ripped jeans and a leather jacket. I'm going to show you how I styled it for a cold Boston day. If you end up getting the purse, let me know and we can be twins!

Until the next post!

xoxo Caitlyn

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