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2 years of iced coffee and sunflowers & more...

Hey again! It's been a while since I've been on here. One year exactly.

OOTD details

Lots of things have happened since then. Let me fill you in since today is 2 years since I started this blog! I actually didn’t mean to take a yearlong break from here. It just happened. I thought posting on the 2-year anniversary would be a great way to reboot.

So, what happened? Where did I go? What to expect on the blog now...? When I “stopped” I was redoing the whole site, a mini makeover. I wasn’t happy on the way the whole site looked. I felt like it didn’t look professional and it didn’t look “me.” 

When I was working on the makeover, I was also focusing on growing the Instagram; we are up to 1.6k! While this was happening, all my posts were becoming daily outfit of the days. Believe it or not, if you go back, and I mean way back into my feed before I even started this Iced Coffee & Sunflowers journey, my senior year of COLLEGE, I started posting OOTDs. So, I thought having daily OOTDs would be one of my “things.” 

Before all “this” aka being quarantined, (last year) I went on a huge adventure that I never thought would happen, I was working a lot (I know not an excuse to post) and had some family issues going on, which brought on more anxiety onto me.

Let me go into more detail...

In November of 2019, my friend Lauree, who I have mentioned before on a blog, and I went to....... LONDON! Crazy right?! I never thought I would actually get there, but we made it happen. I’ll create a post ALL ABOUT LONDON! After London, at work (I work at Loft), it was the start of the holiday madness. While the holiday season was happening, my family and I were dealing with some issues with my brother. To remind you, my brother has autism and is nonverbal. One of the big things happened on Black Friday and I had to call out of work. THAT is how bad the problems were. Not to go in full detail, but my brother who is the sweetest guy you would ever meet, started attacking and going after my family and I. It was more on me and it gave me so much anxiety. I never thought my brother would “come back." We thought the sweet guy was gone. The problems with my brother were happening up until the beginning of April. You are probably thinking, “April? We were and still are in quarantine...” YEAH. Imagine being home, nowhere to go (work was almost an escape from it) and all this happening to you; your amazing little brother attacking you. There were lots of night of crying and trying to keep my brother from attacking me. I’m even getting emotional writing about it. NOW?! He is back and better than ever.

So, yeah, that’s where I've been. Crazy right?

Now, let's get into what I have planned for the blog!

I hope you like the new design of the site! And the brand new logo, it is by Kate Nuam of @ktndesigns!

I've added my favorite items on some of the pages. Please, take a look around the new site and let me know that you think in the comments!

I have to go through the old posts with links and delete them, which I know is sad. But, it's time for some new things on here!

I plan on posting OOTDs in detail and have them go with an Instagram post. There will be links to the items and of course,

I also have a few collabs that I've been a part of and a few upcoming. I will post what ones I've already done and go into detail in the post. 

I plan on doing hauls, I do a lot on my Instagram. Again, having links to the items and such. 

And, I've going to update you on a few things like LONDON, my 30th birthday among other things. 

So, I hope you subscribe and join the family to see what is going to be happening on the blog! I have a few things up my sleeve and I am so excited to be back!

XOXO Caitlyn

...damn, I haven't done that in a long hot minute...

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Hey there! My name is Caitlyn.

I'm an iced coffee addict, cat mum & a makeup junkie.

Love posting daily OOTDs on my Instagram!

I post about fashion on an affordable budget, cruelty free beauty and a few random bits of me life!

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